Computer repair shop Office NAO
Wi-Fi&Mesh / Private-Cloud / Security camera
Network down / IT support on-site support・Network down

[on-site area] Kyotango-city, Miyazu-city
(only the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture)

Office NAO is a computer repair shop specializing in on-site repairs located on the Tango Peninsula in northern Kyoto.
This is an on-site repair service that has continued for more than 20 years in Amino-cho, Kyotango City, including the previous corporate era.

Office NAO provides technical support for all IT devices including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

From hardware failures to software anomalies, we will quickly travel to Kyotango City and Miyazu City to deal with problems.

Computer & Network Repair

After preparing replacement parts for the desktop, we visit the site directly and immediately investigate the cause and repair it.

1.Your desktop or laptop behaves abnormally.(Windows, Mac, Linux)
Not connected to the Internet, not connected to the network.
Printer cannot print
Virus removal and data rescue from virus-infected computers.

Wi-Fi access point installation settings

Build the latest indoor wireless communication environment such as Wi-Fi6. We also design and install wireless networks that combine multiple wireless access points, such as Mesh Wi-Fi.

At office NAO, we also have a track record of mesh Wi-Fi network design and construction at 5-story inns and separate private room inns.

NAS (Cloud storage) installation settings

Install a large-capacity NAS in your company or office. In-house data can be shared by NAS, and centralized data management and security management for each user can be realized. As long as you have a smartphone, you can access your NAS anytime from outside.

office NAO has many NAS delivery records in Kyotango City.

Network security camera installation settings

We design and install a remote camera monitoring system that combines network cameras and NAS.
Camera images can be checked at any time from a smartphone or tablet, and overview monitoring from a centralized monitoring room is also possible.

IT Support

PC performance improvement, hardware addition, software introduction, data processing, internal cleaning, internal diagnosis, data salvage.

Computer sales installation

Sales, initial setup, and installation of desktop computers, laptop computers, and tablets (iPad).
Assembly sales and installation of custom-made computers for business use.

Dozens of office NAO custom-made computers are still in operation in Kyotango City.


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Office NAO

 [zip code 629-3101]
2800-9 Amino, Aminocho, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture[Map]

[tel] 090-7357-5364(Japanese only)
[business hours] 9:00~17:00
[Holiday] Sunday,Holiday

For inquiries in English, please use Instagram or LINE.